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The owner or holding company of our branches in United Arab Emirates (Dubai & Abu Dhabi).  This company is under the investment sector and project management of Rahma International Holding Group to perform various activities under its management.

Greatlinks Group is connected to the following branches and activities like trading, financing, consulting, controlling, project management and engineering.

Working in cooperation with experts in the field of feasibility studies, design concept and establishing different projects and sourcing finances for those projects for both government and private sectors.

Capability Statement:
Greatlinks has a project management team with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Khartoum, Kenya, and partner offices in the major European cities.  Greatlinks project management employs leading professionals in each discipline and offers a comprehensive range of Finance, Project Management, Engineering and Construction services.

Projects we manage are packages of large scale "turnkey" units involving civil & building works, process plant and equipment, services and infrastructure.

We are focused on providing a consistently high quality service and reliable performance via our process engineering and management capabilities. Detailed quality plans are prepared to co-ordinate quality assurance for projects throughout construction and commissioning. We are committed to achieving the highest standards of safety and quality in all operations.

Among our project services we offer the following:
• Feasibility studies for commercial projects.
• Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services.
• Turnkey design and construction projects. 
• Project Management including capital cost estimates, cost control and scheduling.
• Procurement, expediting and inspection services.

For projects worldwide we employ professional engineers and managers with specialist abilities in a wide range of technologies. We give the same level of commitment to every task we undertake, from small value stand-alone contracts to multi-million dollar, multidisciplinary projects.
From the point of contract award, all aspects of the project are categorised and sub-divided into a detailed schedule of cost codes to ensure every action throughout the life of the project is fully accountable, as it happens and retrospectively. These activities and associated cost codes are reproduced on a detailed Programme of Works using Microsoft Project (or other software to suit client preferences), identifying the application of both direct and indirect resource and time scale. Our view is that unless amended by the client, the Programme of Works is sacrosanct and therefore must be achieved.
An internal engineering and Management tiering system allows us to select the most suitable individual to control every project. While we operate a fully integrated departmental support team policy, the appointed Project Manager has single point responsibility for the success and client satisfaction of the project, at all times reporting to a Director.
We are fully conversant and individually qualified to the requirements of all relevant Standards Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM) to operate in whatever capacity our client prefers.
Our internal procurement, costing and finance systems are fully computerised and our engineering systems use the latest software releases as well as the standard Microsoft Office package together with our own customised packages.
Area of Expertise
We have extensive and proven experience in the Management and control of major projects throughout the inception, design and construction phases.  The projects cover Major Construction of Civil and Mechanical, Airport Projects, Oil & Gas projects, Rail Terminals and large-scale administrative complexes. Together with our European expertise we have extensive worldwide experience. 

Project Management
We have assisted investors to effectively plan and execute their projects.  At the outset of each major project we have formulated Project Execution Plans that outline the manner in which the project will be carried out within the company or the consortium. We define the roles and responsibilities of the parties concerned during the entire development, design and construction phases of the project.
During the project execution phase, we have provided effective project Management services to meet the particular needs of the project. These tasks are carried out by a “Project Task Force" (PTF) under the direct control of the Project Manager.  We have participated in the Management of major projects from the initial planning, through design, procurement and construction and up to handover of the completed facilities to the operating entity. 

Project Evaluation
We use Project Finance software, to evaluate the viability of major projects. The software produces preliminary estimated capital cost, project schedule and a draw down schedule and predicts the projections of revenues, operating costs and working capital.  These are used to produce loan draw-down and repayments, tax calculations, financial statements and cash flows together with a wide range of break even and sensitivity analyses, charts and graphs. 
We have carried out feasibility studies for major civil projects as well as refineries, new gas field development project, pipeline networks and Power Generation plants.

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